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February 2014

IPHC Applications for Incidental Halibut during Commercial Salmon Troll Fishery

OSC Scholarships for College

OSIG Meeting February 27

OSC Meeting Feburyar 27 Meeting Agenda

PFMC Meeting Schedule

Changes to the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010

Mark Schneider - We Will Miss You

Fishing Rules for Two New Marine Reserves

Navy Requests Comments on NWTT Impacts

Film Company asking about encounters with Great White Sharks in Oregon Waters

Floating Wind Farm Off Coos Bay

Drill Conductor Courses in March

Groundfish Retention in the Salmon Troll Fishery

IPHC Application form

April 2013

The 2013 Commercial Salmon Season was adopted by PFMC

OSC Public Meeting and Budget Hearing

Project CROOS Sampling to Continue in 2013

Making the Best of Fishery Management

February 2013

OSIG Meeting Frebury 28

PFMC Meeting Schedule

Margaret Nelson - We Will Miss You

OSC Meeting February 28 after OSIG

Incidental Halibut in the Troll Salmon Fishery

Revised Coast Guard Reauthorization Legislation

Coast Guard Fishing Vessel Safety Exams

Coast Guard Drill Conductor Courses

Oregon Chef Gregory Gourdet "King of American Seafood"

Dories of Pacific City Video

Notice - Research Project in Progress

Wild Seafood Exchange March 20, 2013 in Newport, Oregon

April 2011

2011 Brings Increased Fishing Opportunities for Oregon's Commercial Salmon Fishermen

CROOS Fishermen Sign-up and Training

CROOS Fleet Manager Position Available

USCG Authorization Act of 2010 New Safety Rules

West Coast eFIS Workshop May 3-4 in Portland

April 2010

Commercial Troll Management Options Adopted by PFMC

Collaborative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon (CROOS) Sampling in 2010

CROOS Training Sessions

Thank You to PFMC participants

Tagline by Email

January 2010

2010 Season - Looking Foward

OSC to Participate in Meetings

Project CROOS Sign-Up

NOAA Catch Share Draft Policy Comments

PFMC Season Setting Calendar

Marine Reserves Meetings

OSC Salmon Industry Recovery Business Plan

Marine Reserves Community Teams

OSC Letter to the Coastal Caucus to Eliminate the Salmon Permit Lottery System

FoodHub: Where Food People Connect

August 2009

2009 Federal Assistance

Oregon Fisheries Day - August 16, 2009

Oregon Congressional Delegation

June 2009 OSC Meeting

CROOS Update

Preliminary 2009 Oregon Ocean Commercial Troll Salmon Catch & Effort Estimates

Port Outreach Project to Continue in 2009

Seafood Recipes Wanted

October 2008

OPAC Receives 20 Marine Reserve Proposals

Seafood Commissions Will Meet to Discuss Marine Reserve Proposals

Comments Read to OPAC by the OSC at the October 7, 2008 Meeting

Calendar Dates

Seafood Oregon Attends State Fair

June 2008

2008 Federal Disaster Assistance - OSC Recommendation to Pacific States

Status of Federal Funds

State Disaster Funds

Port Outreach Specialists Project Reinstated

April 2008

2008 Salmon Season Closure

Thanks to Oregon Delegation at PFMC

Representative Hooley Holds Salmon Disaster Public Forum

Governor's Executive Order - Salmon Emergency

Congressional Letters - "Fishery Failure"

Draft 2008 Commercial Salmon Season Regulations

Incidental Halibut

Vessel Discharge Permits

Health Care for Fishermen

Oregon Statutes for Renewing Your License

Incidental Groundfish in Troll Fishery - Meetings

ODFW Inland/Nearshore Waters Fishing - Meetings

SalmonAid Outdoor Festival May 31/June 1

March 2008

PFMC Public Hearings on 2008 Season Options

Governors' Letter to Secretary of Commerce

ODFW Budget Town Hall Meetings

2008 Troll Season Option Descriptions

CROOS Fishermen Sign-Up

SOORC Fishermen Group

OPAC Meetings in Newport

February 2008

Klamath River Disaster Relief Program - Remaining Funds

OSC Meeting Dates

Fishermen Things to Do?

Attend Marine Reserves Outreach Meetings - Your Comments are Important

Letter to Tagline on Marine Reserves

Marine Safety & Survival Training Class in Newport

Heip Us Provide You With Timely Information and Updates

Oregon Seafood & Wine Festival

NOAA Lists Coho

Consumer Reports - Only Buy Wild Salmon in Season

Fishermen Participation Requested

2008 Season Calendar Dates

Value-Added Producer Grants (VAPG) Available

USCG HF Weather Broadcasts to Continue

May 2007

Collaborative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon (CROOS)

Ocean Issues - Wave Energy & Marine Reserves

DSL Given Authority to Create Marine Reserves

DSL Ocean Energy Public Hearings

2007 Troll Seasons: Leadbetter Point to Cape Falcon

2007 Troll Seasons: Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt.

2007 Troll Seasons: Humbug Mt. to OR/CA Border

Derelict Crab Pot Reporting Hotline

Port Outreach Specialists to Continue Through September

Coast Guard Requesting Public Comments on Radio Broadcasts of Weather Forecasts

Disposable Gaff for Releasing Rockfish

HB 3541 - Salmon Lottery & Limited Entry

Federal Disaster Assistance?

Pipette System Used to Flush Blood from Salmon

Oregon Salmon Commission Budget Hearing & Public Meeting

Oregon Seafood & Wine Festival in Portland

Oregon Coastal Legislators

June 2006

Salmon Season Disaster - Summary of Potential Industry Assistance

Klamath Farmer - Commercial Fisher Fund

Port Outreach Specialist Project

Collaborative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon (CROOS) Project

Thank You for Assistance with Fishing Families

September 2005

The Oregon Troll Salmon Season Reopens
Samplers Collect Data that is Needed for Good Fishery Management
Measuring Salmon
International West Coast Seafood Show
OHSU Studying Omega-3s
Some Salmon Commission Activities

March 2005

International Boston Seafood Show - March 13-15, 2005
2005 Salmon Season Options
Seafood Oregon Bumper Stickers
Quality Standard Posters
OSC SB854 Survey Results
ODFW 2005 Logbook Requirements for Groundfish Trips

December 2004

OSC Attends International West Coast Seafood Show
Excellence in Marketing
Oregon Troll Salmon Landed & Ex-Vessel Values for 2003 & 2004 (chart)
4-Spread Relief?
VMS & West Coast Salmon Trollers
Derelict Crab Pots
2004 Troll Salmon Lottery Winners

June 2004

Letter to the Oregon Salmon Troll Fleet (4-Spread Rule)
Oregon Salmon Trollers Receive Top Dollar in Spring Season
Coho Impacts
Salmon Commission Participates in Seafood Oregon and Brand Oregon
Seafood Oregon Travels to Chicago

March 2003

Earliest Troll Season Opener Since 1955
2003 Season Option Descriptions
March 6, 2003 Oregon Salmon Commission Meeting
2003 Legislative Bills

October 2002

March Opener Yields Positive Results
Oregon to Get Millions
Oregon Salmon Commission History
Promotional Activities
Cedar Planked Salmon Recipe
The Wandering Fleet video
Restoration & Enhancement Board
Preliminary 2001 Troll Catch & Effort Estimates
Health Benefits of Eating Salmon
Oregon Salmon Commission Scholarships
2001 Oregon Troll Permit Lottery
Klamath River Situation
Marine Protected Areas


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